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Rosie Davis, founder of the international organization, Yellow Heart Memorial, advocate for COVID victims, and co-author of the book, Who We Lost: A Portable Covid Memorial, joined us from Austin, TX.  Rosie lost her mother, Mary Castro, to Covid-19 in May 2020 and she put her own grief into action by starting Yellow Heart in January 2021 with the goal to humanize the number of lives lost that were reported daily.  She is now a full-time advocate for Covid victims, long-haulers, and Covid orphans.  The healing from this three-year pandemic is only just beginning.  Rosie and Yellow Heart Memorial getting money for orphans of Covid, increasing mental health resources for Covid survivors and for those who lost loved ones, and working for permanent memorials in Washington, DC, around the nation, and around the world to humanize those who we lost.  

Are you a Covid victim or lost a loved one to Covid and looking for a community to support you in your grief and healing?  You can find out about Yellow Heart Memorial and the private FB group page, by going to the Yellow Heart Memorial page on Facebook.  You can also find out about the books that Rosie has co-written and the upcoming documentaries, by following Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and by doing to YellowHeartMemorial.com.  Contact Rosie directly at YellowHeartMemorial@gmail.com.

Rosie Davis, Founder
Yellow Heart Memorial


Also, Dr. Mara with tips from the field as a geriatric specialist and a family member of a resident in long-term care.  She discussed how ageism affects quality of life in the nursing home and what families can do to advocate for their loved ones.  And, of course, how to live a passionate life while doing this!  


The Passionate Life
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