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Advocating in the Nursing Home Starting a Family Council — Part I

A Family Council is intended to be a supportive network of family members and loved ones of residents in the facility to provide sensitive and caring support, as well as important information, for the family members/loved ones as well as the residents. Find out more about the whys and hows of starting or joining a family council.

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Getting Back to the Basics - Starting with Food

Maintaining balance and/or regaining our balance are essential to being able to find our path. The key begins with actual sustenance - good nutrition and mindfulness about what we ingest. For, without nutrients, we will very quickly lose our balance or our ability to navigate the journey.

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Speaking Engagements

Arrange to have Dr. Karpel speak to your organization. Many groups, communities, and companies have benefited from having insights into the process of aging and the care involved.

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