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March 10, 2024: Marsha Joiner, Host of Betrayed by Hospice

Marsha Joiner, host of the show, Betrayed by Hospice, discusses the manipulation in the healthcare system to put elderly people into hospice when it’s not appropriate. Her goal help consumers and family members make more informed decisions about hospice without falling pray to manipulation.  

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February 25, 2024: Dr. Micheal Wasserman – Advocating for Better Medicine and Long-Term Care for the Elderly; Rosie Davis – Yellow Heart Memorial on the Traveling Memorial, “More Than a Number”

Geriatrician, Dr. Michael Wasserman,  Chair of the Public Policy Committee of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine, will discuss some of the pressing current issues of geriatric healthcare and nursing home care.  Rosie Davis, Founder of Yellow Heart Memorial will tell us about the traveling Covid memorial, “More Than a Number.”

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