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Thank you for stopping by the Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years Internet radio program page. Here you’ll find news about this week’s show, plus an archive of all the Internet Radio Shows we’ve done since January, 2014. You can also listen to pod casts of earlier radio shows (from Austin Talk Radio) in the Radio Shows Archive and still even older newspaper articles in the Column Archives. Looking for a particular topic? Use the Search box to the right to find shows mentioning your search terms across all the archives Be sure to join me, along with my guest speakers and musical guests, every Sunday at 5:00pm (CST) on the Internet via live-stream here on our site. Click on the following link to listen in and/or join the conversation: See you there!

March 10, 2019: Director and Filmmaker, Sean Danby and Rob Quartly, on Grief Stories, a Video Platform for Coping with Loss; Sergio Cordova on Team Brownsville Providing Compassion, Food, Clothes, and Toys for Asylum Seekers Stuck in Mexico; Musician, Paul Martin Bankowski on Camp Gladiator; & Dr. Mara on Purpose and Passion for a Fuller/Healthier Life

Missed this AWESOME program?  We've got you covered!!  You can hear the whole thing right here!  And you can get all of the important links below!   Director, Sean Danby, and, Filmmaker, Rob Quartly, joined us from Toronto, to discuss their labor of love,...

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February 24, 2019: J.G. Boccella, “Bring Your Strength,” on Men and Women Working Better Together in Leadership Roles; Mark Pines on Open Counseling, a Resource for Affordable and Free Mental Health Care; Musical Duo, RagTop. And Dr. Mara on The Power of Generosity

Missed the show?  You can hear it all right here!   Joining us from Pittsburgh, PA, author of Bring Your Strength, J. G. Boccella.  J.G's mission is encouraging men to bring their whole selves to the table --with their masculinity fully intact -- to co-lead and...

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