About Dr. Karpel

Dr. Mara Karpel is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with adults of all ages who desire to reach their full potential, no matter their age or health condition. In addition, Dr. Karpel has a specialty of working with older adults and with caregivers.

  • Received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Syracuse University - 1992.
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Texas, New York and Colorado.
  • Host of the radio show, "Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years," on BlogTalkRadio.com, Sunday's at 5pm CT/6pm ET.
  • Blogger for Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington's on-line publication, Thrive Global.
  • Author of the soon-to-be-released book, "The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality and Joy at Every Age."
  • Available for on-line consultations, via secure video conferencing, for eldercare, self-care, and coaching to "follow your dreams."
  • Available for lectures throughout North America. Has given lectures throughout Texas, in Florida, and in Puerto Vallarta, MX.
  • Co-authored publication based on original research study: Karpel, M. E., Hoyer, W. J., & Toglia, M. P. (2001). "Accuracy and Qualities of Real and Suggested Memories: Nonspecific Age Differences," The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.
  • Previously, wrote a weekly column that appeared in a Texas newspaper for over 2 years, as well as in Vallarta Today, a weekly newspaper for the expatriate retirement community in Puerto Vallarta, MX.
  • Dr. Mara additionally evaluates veterans for PTSD and other mental health conditions and has a private psychotherapy practice.
Inner Peace, Joy, and Vitality

Inner Peace, Joy, and Vitality

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