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Robert Signore, President of Thrive Pavilion, a nonprofit senior community based entirely in virtual reality, joined us to tell us more about the social, emotional, and health benefits that can come from this virtual reality community.  We recently spoke with a member of the community about her experiences with Thrive.  This time, Robert, the developer and President delved into the origins of the Thrive Pavilion and how the community has grown to include hundreds of seniors from around the globe.

Find out about how to join the Thrive Pavilion virtual community by going to thrivepavilion.orgYou can also go to Thrive Pavilion on Facebook to meet other members and ask your questions.  See the calendar of Thrive Pavilion activities on both sites!

Robert Signore
President, Thrive Pavilion


And Dr. Mara with more on living with passion in an uncertain world.


The Passionate Life
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