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Tuck Kamin, Award Winning Creative Director, Branding Strategist in advertising, and author of Design Your Age, joined us, once again, from Austin, TX to discuss Age Circus, a platform for intergenerational conversation:  “In a time of increased tension and misunderstanding between the generations, Age Circus exists to help folks find common ground.”  Check out the Age Circus event on October 29, 7pm CT/8pm ET on twine.nyc.  Find out more about Tuck Kamin, Design Your Age, and about Age Circus, also check out Tuck’s podcasts, “Tales of the Future…Older,” and “Design Your Age,” all at DesignYourAge.com.  Have Qs?  You can email Tuck Kamin directly at:  Tuck@designyourage.com.  

Tuck Kamin
Author of Design Your Age


And the twins Ruben and Minerva were back with a new destination in Mexico!

Minerva and Ruben in Bay of Banderas, Mexico


Also Dr. Mara with living the passionate life during these difficult times, finding your Dharma, and a discussion on the psychological research regarding peaceful police and public relationships:  What can help.  


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