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Joining us in our Austin studio is Perry Arledge aka Perry A., to discuss the many health benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay!  We love this natural healing substance and have using it ourselves ever since Perry was on our show a few years ago!  

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Perry A. and Dr. Mara in the studio.


Also, Jim Oliphant of the Musical Duo, RagTop, joined us once again to tell us what they’ve been up to and we played some of their music!  Find out more about RagTop, purchase their music, and see their performance calendar at:  EXCLUSIVE for listeners to this show and viewers of this website post, Jim and Renee have created a secret page to their website, where you can download their latest EP, Retro, for FREE!!  Here’s the webpage:  FREE DOWNLOAD!  The Password is: free. AND be sure to follow them on Facebook!

Renee and Jim Oliphant


Dr. Mara discussed Kindness for Creating Peace in the wake of attacks of hate.  She discussed how to shed light in the world through kindness.  It takes just one candle to light a dark room.  Together, we can be the candles to bring light to the whole world.

And another sneak peek into her new international bestseller, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age.

book cover

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