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Joining us from Massachusetts, psychologist and founder of Top College Consultants, Dr. Eric Endlich  discussed helping teens with autism transition to college, as well what being “on the spectrum” looks like in adults over 50.  Dr. Endlich coaches students and their parents through the process of picking the right colleges to apply to, helping them in college readiness, and helping them apply, in order to help them get into the best college to fit their needs.  He coaches families around the nation and internationally.   Find out more at:  TopCollegeConsultants.com.  He has also co-written a book about autistic adults over 50 that is set to publish this year, called, Older Autistic Adults:  The Lost Generation.  Keep your eyes open for that!


Also the metal band, Liliac, who appeared on CBS’ The World’s Best, called in in from Los Angeles. This five-piece all family band discussed their music and how they are a total Vegan family band.  AND we played some of their originally music!!  Right now, they play weekly at the Santa Monica pier and they’re recording their second CD.  Find out where they’ll soon be touring and download their music at:  LiliacBand.com.


Liliac on The World’s Best!

Plus, a sneak peek into Dr. Mara’s book, The Passionate Life, and a discussion of the 4 Pillars of Passionate Living…with a focus on the Pillar of Compassion.


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March 28, 2019

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