123 April 23, 2023: Alice Bonner & Mark Miller - Improving Quality of Long Term Care and More - Dr Mara Karpel Offers

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Alice Bonner, Senior Advisor for Aging Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Chair of Moving Forward: Nursing Home Quality Coalition, and  Mark Miller, President of National Association of State Ombudsman Programs, joined us for a discussion of Long Term Care and what we can do to improve the quality of life for those in long-term care, now and in the future.

Find out more about how to be involved in helping to improve quality of life in long term by going to:  MovingForwardCoalition.org.   Hit the Stay Connected button to stay updated!

And find out more about the National Association of State Ombudsman Programs and find out about the ombudsman program in YOUR state, to hep you to advocate for your loved one, at:  NASOP.org.  You can also check out that site for opportunities to volunteer.  Looking to start a Family Council at your loved ones community?  Your local ombudsman program can help!  

Alice Bonner, Chair
Moving Forward Coalition



Minerva Kuhr, one of our twin Mexico travel guide in Bay of Banderas in Mexico, joined us to answer some of our listener’s questions about who she is.

Ruben and Minerva in Bay of Banderas, Mexico


And Dr. Mara with more on Passionate Living and Caregiving in the “new normal”….. starting a Virtual Family Council.


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