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Lacy and Sylvia of  Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence (BTSADV), joined us to discuss domestic violence, share their journey with domestic violence, show us that it’s possible to move forward and to have a passionate life as a survivor of domestic violence,  and to tell us about this organization that provides community resources and support services to victims, survivors, and families affected by domestic violence.  Break The Silence has healing retreats for survivors of domestic violence, support groups for survivors and family members, financial workshops, opportunities to donate and volunteer, and more!  Shedding light on domestic violence, speaking the truth, and support are what can make the difference in healing and moving forward toward having a passionate life.  Find out more at:  www.BreakTheSilenceDV.org.

Lacy and Sylvia shared their story and told us about BTSADV.



Lauren Tarrant joined us once again to tell us about Well Beyond Care, helping people choose their own caregivers for the best fit anywhere in the U.S.!  Find out more about this very unique service for those who need care and those who provide care (“care pairs,” as Lauren lovingly refers to them):  www.WellBeyondCare.com.  You can also contact Lauren with your questions via email: Lauren@WellBeyondCare.com and via phone:  512-809-4057.

Lauren Tarrant, Co-Founder, WellBeyondCare.com with Dr. Mara


Also friends of the show, Renee and Jim Oliphant, the musical duo Rag Top, were back to tell us what’s new with their music in the state of Virginia.  And we played some of their music!  They are really busy these days, playing all over southern Virginia, in restaurants, wineries, microbreweries, corporate events, retail events, grand openings, senior living communities, house concerts…..Check out their calendar, book them for an event, download their newest EP, buy their CD’s, watch their videos, and more at: www.MyRagTop.com.

Renee & Jim Oliphant


AND another sneak peek into Dr. Mara’s book, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age.

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