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Jay Schneider, of Bridge to Shore Interventions and Sober Services joined us, once again, in our Austin studio for a discussion about addiction interventions. Jay was joined by Caitlin Stowell of BRC Recovery, to discuss long term addiction treatment center in Manor, Texas.  Together, they discussed addiction interventions, treatment, family involvement, and some of the challenges of getting someone to treatment during the holidays.  Bottom line:  Getting to treatment is the biggest gift someone with an addiction issue can give to their loved ones, even if it means being in rehab during the holidays. And it’s an even bigger gift to give to oneself, since it might actually save their life!  For more information about Jay’s intervention services, worldwide, check out his website:  www.BridgeToShoreInterventions.com.  You can also contact Jay directly via e-mail at Bridge2Shore@gmail.com or by phone at 512-850-3090.  For more information about long-term addiction treatment, with the full continuity of care, at BRC Recovery, check out:  www.BRCRecovery.com.  You can contact Caitlin directly via e-mail at cstowell@brcrecovery.com or by phone at 770-401-1169.

Jay Schneider and Caitlin Stowell joined Dr. Mara in the studio.


Jay Schneider
Bridge to Shore Interventions and Sober Services


Caitlin Stowell
BRC Recovery


Dr. Mara with coping with the ups and downs along the Passionate journey!

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