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Yoga teacher, Steve Kane, joined us, once again from Westchester, New York. This time, Steve spoke about deepening one’s yoga practice to bring us closer to our inner enlightenment and to cultivate “bliss.” If you’re in Westchester or the NY area, you can check out Steve’s yoga classes in Tarrytown, NY, at YogaShivaya.com.  Steve also teaches workshops about the Art of Happiness.  Find out about his workshops or arrange to have him give a workshop to your group (he’s available to teach locally or to travel) by emailing him at KaneSteve@me.com.

Yoga teacher, Steve Kane


Laura Gelezunas reported in from the retirement paradise, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  The high season is over in Vallarta, but there’s still a lot to do.  Check out the Friday Foodies and ExPats In Vallarta.  The Altruism Festival, with food and entertainment, to benefit many different charities, is happening May 14 at he Marriott.  Find out all the news and events, daily, by going to: BanderasNews.com.  Interested in buying a condo for next high season?  Laura can help you: PuertoVallartaCondosForSale.com.

Laura Gelezunas


Kathleen Ann Hudson, founder of the Texas Heritage Music Foundation, was unable to make it to the show this time.  But, she will be back, when she returns from her trip to Mexico!

Dr. Kathleen Hudson


And Dr. Mara talked about coping with stress, especially when everything seems to be happening at once.

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