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Health and Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Alaine’s Transitional Coaching, Alaine Nolt, joined us once again from Colorado Springs to discuss self-care in a stressful world and expanding our JOY, it’s not just about eating right and exercising.  Alaine suggested that we find moments of joy each and every day to increase our mind and body wellbeing.  Find out about Alaine’s coaching (it doesn’t matter if you are near or far from her) by going to: www.AlaineNolt.com.  You can contact Alaine directly at AlaineNolt@msn.com.


Melba Salazar-Lucio joined us from the Texas/Mexico border to tell us about “Pillows of Love,” a project of compassion that she and her 83-year-old mom started last summer.  In an effort to add some humanity into he immigration debate, Melba and her mom have been sewing together pillows and plush dolls for the migrants and their children. Now, the children have a pillow to put their heads on while laying on the ground, waiting to be allowed across the border to ask for asylum.  Want to help?  You can donate cotton, thread, fabric, or money for supplies and be part of the humanitarian effort.  Contact Melba at:  Melba.Lucio@tsc.edu.  


Melba Salazar-Lucio and her mom sew pillows of love at the border.

Some of the Buddies of Love for the children at the border.

Asylum-seeking children at the bus depot, awaiting their long ride to their sponsors, with their Buddies of Love and donated comic books.

Pillows of Love and Buddies of Love for the children living on the street Mexico with their parents, waiting to be allowed to cross the bridge into Brownsville and ask for asylum.


Dr. Mara with another sneak peek into her book, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age…and a discussion of one of the most powerful way to reduce our tendency to have a constant stress reaction in daily life.

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