Did you miss the show?  No problem!  You can hear it all right here!  It was awesome!


Kathi Burns, Organizing and Image expert, and owner of Organized and Energized, joined us from the west coast to talk about guiding busy women to achieve more peace and fulfillment so they can have the life of their dreams, enjoy more free time for personal endeavors, and create a work/life balance.  

Tune in to hear Kathi’s 3 tips for clearing out and organizing, so that you can have more energy in your life to follow your dreams!  And MORE!  Kathi is giving fee gift to all of you, a free copy of her book, Home Organization, the Smart Guide ~ Make Room For Yourself in Your Home.  Just go to her website:  OrganizedAndEnergized.com and take the free 3-Question survey.  Kathi will send you your customized guide.  You can also contact Kathi, find out about her on-line course, read her blog, and more at the same contact.  Or contact Kathi directly at:  Kathi@OrganizedAndEnergized.com.

P.S.  Kathi told us about a great organization where you can donate your office clothes during your clearing process, so that another woman might use them for getting back to work:  Dress For Success.

Kathi Burns, Owner of Organized and Energized


ALSO, Dr. Mara’s book, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age, is NOW available on Kindle!  And it’s on SALE for the summer at 99 cents!  She’s getting ready for the “hard launch” of the soft-cover version, set to for September 10.  Dr. Mara gave us a preview of her book!

The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age on Kindle.

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