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We were joined from Westchester, NY, by Lawrence Edwards, Ph.D., Licensed Psychotherapist, Board-Certified Neurotherapist, faculty member of New York Medical College, President of the Kundalini Research Network, author, and founder of KundaliniSupport.org and The Anam Cara Meditation Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to teaching meditative practices from a variety of traditions, making them freely available to everyone.  Dr. Edwards joins us to discuss meditation, Kundalini and spiritual development.  Find out more about Kundalini meditation, learn to meditate with free videos, find out about events at Anam Cara, consultations and workshops with Dr. Edwards, and CD’s and books, plus more, all at:  www.TheSoulsJourney.com.

Lawrence Edwards, Ph.D.


James Pace of Good Neighbor Settlement House joined us from near the border in Brownsville, TX to tell us about what’s happening with migrants at the border and the humanity crisis there.  Jim is a collector of stories and he read us some of the personal stories of the asylum seekers, including why they left their dangerous homes to take the dangerous journey to the US and what happened after they arrived at the U.S.  You can sign up to receive stories Jim has collected each week in your e-mail in-box and/or receive a package via snail mail of a booklet of 48 interviews by e-mailing Jim at:  pacejwpace@aol.com.  At the bottom of this post is one of the migrant interviews sent by Jim.  



Art Mendoza, of Accomplice Entertainment and Producer of this show, told us about Accomplice Entertainment events during the SXSW music festival, including a live performance of Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years on Friday, March 20, at 6pm CT.  The venue will be The Backstage at El Mercado on South First in Austin, TX.  Admission for that show is free and the audience will be part of a video taping.  100 free copies of The Passionate Life will be given out to audience members.  Following that show, there will be several musical acts that night…and then on Saturday, March 21.  All the information about the shows will soon be available and the link will be posted right here!

Art Mendoza of Accomplice Entertainment

The Backstage
at El Mercado
1302 S 1st St,
Austin, Texas 78704


And Dr. Mara with more tips to stay on track in 2020 to live a Passionate Life, when hitting the rough spots of the path.


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The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age


Below is one of the more recent of the interviews collected by Jim Pace from asylum seekers at the border:

Our family is from Quito, Ecuador with five members, namely…….

           Luis Soto, age 36  with 13 years of education
          Lysia Quishpilemo, 35 with 13 years of education
          Leandro 15, Antony 9, and Miller, 5 months
     I am a man of many talents!  I am a truck driver, brick mason, electrician, plumber,
    and house painter.  Quito is a city of much violence and lack of security.  The “pandillas”
   (gangs) are running wild; the police are no help because they are on the pandillas’ payroll.
   One pandilla wanted me to join them and sell drugs, threatening me if I didn’t join.  That’s
   when I decided to flee with my family.
   On September 4, 2019 we flew to Cancun, Mexico, and then flew on to Monterrey, MX.
   From Monterrey we bused to Reynosa, arriving September 14.  We stayed in a private
   home for four days, and on September 19, 2019, we crossed the bridge to McAllen, Texas
   and were taken to the Border Patrol/Immigration headquarters. We were  there for five days;
   the entire time was spent in the “hielera” (cold box). Having heard of the extreme cold of
   the hielera from previous talking among fellow asylum seekers in Reynosa, we immediately
   protested because of our son’s heart condition for which we were going to New York city
   for an immediate operation!!!!!  The guard’s reply was “SORRY, EVERYONE GOES
   THROUGH THE HIELERA…..NO EXCUSES!!!!!  You can imagine the fear and helplessness
    my wife and I felt. Being Evangelical Christians we knew that the Lord Jesus would never
    have allowed that, and we could only have faith that God would protect our baby Miller.
    Miller came through that inhumane ordeal OK,  and we were allowed to send him and his two
    brothers to New York to live with my sister-in-law in Queens.  We were returned  to  
    Matamoros, MX, where we stayed in a tent city for 3&1/2 months.  The volunteers from
    Team Brownsville were wonderful in providing 2 hot meals daily, clothes,shoes,blankets,
    rain gear, and educational activities for adults, youth, and children.  At 6:40 AM today, the 15th of January, we crossed the bridge to      Brownsville, TX.  Now we are here a Good Neighbor Settlement House and will fly to NYC tonight in time to be present for
   Miller’s operation at 7 AM tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                 James Pace
                                                                                 Good Neighbor Settlement House
                                                                                 Brownsville, Texas
The operation wad successful!!!!!!!
*****”Hielera translated literally means “frozen room”.