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Lynne Bairstow of MITA called in from beautiful Punta Mita to tell us about how she and partners started the venture group MITA, focused on cross-border tech innovation between Mexico, the U.S. and LatAm.  She also gave her views for the future with Mexico with x-pats moving in.  You can find out more about MITA Ventures at:  MITAVentures.com. Check out the free live-stream of MITA Tech Talks on February 12.  Check out MITA Ventures on Facebook.

Lynne Bairstow
Managing Partner, MITA Ventures
Co-Founder, MITA Institute


Austin musician, Jo James, joined us once again.  Jo has just recorded a new EP and it is released on February 9!  If you’re in Austin, Jo will be performing for the EP release party at Saxon Pub on Feb. 9 at 10pm.  You can download the title song, Midnight Dealing, which we played on the show, right now at his website (and also check out his calendar for performance and download his music there):  JoJamesMusic.com.

Jo James

Jo James joined Dr. Mara in the studio during his last time on the show.


MusiCAN Joe King Carrasco, the creator of the stage dive, called in from Mexico to talk about his latest projects in Mexico and here in the United States and we played some of his music.  Find out where Joe King is playing and download his music at JoeKing.com and follow him on Facebook.

Joe King Carrasco


And Dr. Mara on Self-Care to Increase Creativity and Our Ability for Greater Compassion, with a sneak peek into her International Best Seller, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age.

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