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We had an extra special packed show!!

Certified Laughter Yoga instructor, Rosa Linda Cruz, joined us from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to discuss this worldwide healing technique!  She told us about the healing benefits of laughter and gave some simple laughter yoga techniques.  Rosa Linda gives presentations about Self-Care, including using Laughter Yoga for self-care.  You can find out more about Rosa Linda, her presentations, and her children’s book, by going to;  www.RosaLindaCruz.org.   Find out more about laughter yoga around the world and follow along with videos of how to practice at www.YouTube.com/user/MadanKataria.

Rosa Linda Cruz


ALSO, joining us from the Alps of Switzerland, author and founder/director of Imaginal Academy Institute in Switzerland, Selene Calloni Williams discussed her powerful healing book, “The Mother Mantra:  The Ancient Shamanic Yoga of Non-Duality.”  Selene offers courses on-line through the Imaginal Academy Institute.  You can also take free webinars, watch some free videos, and find out more about her book at www.SeleneCalloniWilliams.com.  Her book is also available on Amazon.  

Selene Calloni Williams


Also, more from Dr. Mara on living The Passionate Life when the path is bumpy.

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