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Cathleen Beach Grant joined us in our Austin studio to talk about SilverLink, connecting Seniors and Family Caregivers to the resources they need to maintain Health, Well-Being, and Quality of Life.  SilverLink also has a plethora of information to help with your questions … for seniors and caregivers locally and throughout the nation.  Find out more about SilverLink and have your questions answered by going to:  www.SilverLinkUSA.com.

Cathleen Beach Grant

Cathleen Grant with Dr. Mara in the studio.

Musician, Artist, and Producer, Art Mendoza of Accomplice Entertainment, producer of this program, play some of the great music of the artists who were on this show last year and spoke about some who will be coming on this year!

Art Mendoza
Accomplice Entertainment

Accomplice Entertainment


And Dr. Mara on The Amazing Power of Gratitude!

Happy World Gratitude Day! What are you most thankful for??

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