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Just in time for World Gratitude Day AND The International Day of Peace, Jihan Barakah, Founder of the Global Quantum Shift, Executive Producer of Unity FM – The Soul-Directed Life and Coffee with Krisstina, Founder of Jihan Barakah Productions (producing uplifting talkshows and live-events), and co-founder of The Oneness Foundation (a non-profit organization that promotes Oneness through sharing of spiritual and scientific findings and realizations of our universal interconnectedness) joined us LIVE in the studio to discuss how we can all make a “shift” at any stage of our life in order to experience more joy in our own lives and to promote healing of the global community.  Jihan shared her suggestions based on her own personal experiences, in which she made very powerful transformations in her own life, affecting her mind and body well-being.   It was a very uplifting and enlightening discussion!  You can find out more about Jihan and what she is doing to help others find their purpose and to heal by going to her two Facebook pages: FB: Jihan Barakah, Founder of The Global Quantum Shift and FB: The Global Quantum Shift.  Also, if you’re in Austin and want to join her book club, meeting Wednesday evenings, send Jihan a message through either of these pages.  

Jihan Barakah joined me in the studio in Austin. Find out more about Jihan at:<br /> FB: Jihan Barakah, Founder of The Global Quantum Shift<br /> &<br /> FB: The Global Quantum Shift

Jihan Barakah joined me in the studio in Austin. Find out more about Jihan at:
FB: Jihan Barakah, Founder of The Global Quantum Shift
FB: The Global Quantum Shift


Stormy Wall joined us from South Padre Island to tell us about the South Padre Concert Series on the Bay, happening now thru November 1, every Friday and Saturday night beginning at 7pm.  He filled us in on what artists are performing, including many local Texas musicians, as well as nationally-known musicians.  Del Castillo performed last night!  Future headliners include:  Tomas Ramirez (the Jazzmanian Devil), Joe King Carrasco, Billy Joe Shaver, The Brew, and Monte Montgomery.  Also performing will be Art Mendoza, producer of this show, on October 25.  We played some of the music of Tomas Ramirez right here.  You can find out more about the concert series and the calendar of performances by going to: Facebook.com/SouthPadreConcertSeries.


Stormy Wall: The SPI Fall Concert http://www.Facebook.com/SouthPadreConcertSeries">Facebook.com/SouthPadreConcertSeries

Stormy Wall: The SPI Fall Concert http://www.Facebook.com/SouthPadreConcertSeries

Laura Gelezunas reported in from the retirement paradise, Puerto Vallarta, MX.  She let us know that they are preparing for the season of snow birds in Vallarta.  In addition, many of the charity organizations have begun to get busy again, with retirees making the “shift” to find meaning and joy by helping others.  There are about 30 different charities and non-profit organizations in Vallarta, as well as many different volunteer opportunities available, including helping children in orphanages, teaching English to adults and children, helping animals, and, right now, helping to send aid to the hurricane victims in Cabo San Lucas.  Find out more about these organizations, about finding a place to rent for the season, and about all of the many happenings in Vallarta, by going to: www.BanderasNews.com.  This site is updated daily!


AND…I spoke about the power of GRATITUDE for your mind and your body!!  I challenge all of you to think of 3 things that you’re grateful for every day for the next week.  E-mail me  or message me on FB with some of the things you’re grateful for…or how this makes you feel after a week of this practice!  E-mail:  DrMara@DrMaraKarpel.com, FB: Facebook.com/DrMaraKarpelYourGoldenYears.  I’ll fill you in on my own results next show! (Here’s one thing I am grateful for:  All of the AMAZING guests that have been on the show, including today’s guest, and the equally AMAZING line-up of guests to come!)

Happy World Gratitude Day! What are you most thankful for??

Happy World Gratitude Day! What are you most thankful for??


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