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We were joined by Scott Couchenour, Personal and Professional Coach of 4th Quarter Coaching and host of the podcast, Serve Strong, Finish StrongScott talked about uncovering our purpose in the fourth quarter of our lives, our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and beyond and how to start on that journey!  We even had a caller from Australia call in to tell us a bit about his own story, living a meaningful and joyful life. You can find out more about Scott, his coaching, his podcast, and his upcoming book at:  ServingStrong.com.  You can also contact Scott directly at:  coach@ServingStrong.com.

Scott Couchenour
Your 4th Quarter Coach

Also, Dr. Mara spoke briefly with some tips from the field…advocating for our loved ones in long-term care while contining to live with passionate.  


The Passionate Life
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Listen to the podcast right HERE!  And on Apple podcasts right HERE!