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We were joined live from Melbourne, Australia, by Robert Anthony, founder of Great Life Choice.  While working in London, Robert became saddened by how unhappy the people with whom he worked were about their lives.  So, he got to work on creating a way to help people to get balance back into their lives and to find the answers to the key to happiness.  The Great Life Choice offers courses to help you achieve happiness in all areas of life, called the Wheel of Life.  Robert Anthony and the Great Life Choice are involved in humanitarian efforts around the world and a portion of the proceeds from Great Life Choice are donated to various humanitarian efforts around the world and toward cleaning up the earth.  You can find out more about the Great Life Choice and sign up for courses at:  greatlifechoice.com.  Have Qs?  You can contact Robert at info@greatlifechoice.com or Robert.Anthony888@gmail.com.  

Robert Anthony


Then we went to the other side of the world to hear from the twins, Ruben and Minerva, at the Bay of Banderas, Mexico.

Ruben and Minerva in Bay of Banderas, Mexico


Dr. Mara discussed finding our way to more Passionate Living during a pandemic winter, the Winter Solstice, and into the New Year!


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