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Musician, author, yoga and meditation teacher, Interfaith Minister, Reverend Gudjon Bergmann joined us from Austin to discuss finding peace in the eye of the storm during the time of this pandemic, as well as avoiding the urge to deny the reality of this storm.  Find out about Reverend Bergmann’s Harmony Interfaith Initiative, listen to his music, watch his YouTube vidoes, read his blogs in Medium, and find out about/order any of his over 25 books all right here:  interfaithrev.com. You can also follow him on Twitter:  @interfaithrev.


Also joining us from L.A., friend and guitarist, Betty Navas, returned to talk about what she’s been creating during this time of quarantine and we played some of her great music!   You can listen to Betty’s music on Spotify and ReverbNation.  You can also hear Betty’s three top-hit songs on the charts at numberonemusic.com.

Betty Navas


And Dr. Mara with more on living the passionate life in the time of Covid, specifically a discussion of realistic optimism.  


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