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Preventing the Spiral Down of Depression During

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Some Things That Help Me When I Feel a Dark Cloud Over My Head


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“There is peace even in the storm.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Most recently, I’ve been waking up in a state of anxiety about the world.  This became a daily reality when the pandemic first hit a little over two years ago and my hometown of New York City, two thousand miles away, quickly became the epicenter, with friends losing loved ones and my mom losing thirteen of her neighbors.  With the availability of the vaccine and a reduction in covid cases, it seemed that we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And then things got worse––higher covid infections, increased violence in the US, growing division between neighbors and friends and, then, the invasion of Ukraine.

And yet, I notice that myself and those around me are still able to experience moments of joy when good things happen, as well as continue to enjoy a sense of humor. This is a sign that we are not clinically depressed. But, there is a dark and heavy cloud that returns for many of us between those moments of happiness. This puts us at risk of spiraling down into the abyss of a very real depression. And, for some, this has already happened.

There are several strategies that I’ve discovered to be helpful for myself in order to shake that feeling of a dark cloud over my head, whenever it pops up, as well as to give myself the energy and enthusiasm to do whatever I can to bring more peace into the world and to help others who are suffering….