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Filmmaker and Actress, Susie Singer Carter, joined us for the entire program for a conversation with Dr. Mara about her new documentary film, No Country For Old People, based on Susie’s own lived experience as a family caregiver for her mother in a nursing home, showing the dark side of even the best of the nursing homes.

In her film, Susie uses her own mom’s story to take deep look into the the systematic crisis that has been going on for decades in long term care with the hope that, with greater awareness, we can, as a society, make real and positive changes in how we care for our elders.

Susie Singer Carter
No Country For Old People

Find out more about the film and the subsequent docu-series , and sign up to be a sponsor to help launch the film:  Follow No Country For Old People Facebook page here!

Or you can go to National Consumer Voice, an amazing national advocacy group for Quality Long Term Care to help support the film and support the organization! Also, find out how to organize events for the launch to get the word out! 

Check out Susie Singer Carter’s podcast for caregivers, Love Conquers Alz, anywhere you listen to your podcasts, including on Apple Podcasts and you can also WATCH the podcast on YouTube!  And follow the Love Conquers Alz Facebook page!

Follow Susie Singer Carter on YouTube!  And watch My Mom and the Girl, a short film portraying a true story written and directed by Susie and starring Valerie Harper in her last film.


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