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We were joined from Big Sur, California by Monica Eastway, MS, Eco Gerontologist – Founder, The Eco Generation Model. Monica is an environmental gerontologist and told us about use of nature to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages.  She told us about the research findings showing the health and mental health benefits of getting fresh air and connecting with natures, as well  practical ways to get into nature, even for someone living in a long term care community.  Find out more about Monica, her Eco- Generation Consulting, her on-line courses to renew and restore with Care Outdoors (and for those who need Continuing Education Credits, those are available upon completion), and read her blogs, all at:  MonicaEastway.com.  

Monica Eastway, MS

Lesson #7 of Lessons from Mom:
Get outside every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes bundled up on cold days, or get to a window where you can see the nature outdoors. Mom blossomed in the fresh air. And on cold or rainy days, if she didn’t bundle up to get outside, even for a few minutes, she would sit by a window and look at nature. In the winter, she would talk about how long before the buds would be coming back on the trees. When she could not longer walk outside by herself, we had to find money to pay someone to bring her outside or near a large window in the lobby, even when she lived in an assisted living community and then a nursing home, because the regular staff would never have time to do this and it was not considered a priority of care. During Covid, when living in an assisted living community, this was more important then ever. She treasured her outdoor time immensely. And I believe that this is what gave her the resilience to get through all of her ups and downs that come with growing older and losing physical independence…and especially the stress of Covid and the social isolation it caused. This photo shows Mom enjoying the beach in July 2022. It was a project to get her there, but so worth it. She loved a chance to see the water and breathe the salt air, having lived near the beach in Rockaway Beach, NY and in Brooklyn, NY, for much of her life… and it was a joy to spend the afternoon with her at the beach and bring our picnic lunch.


Listen to the podcast right HERE!    And to the podcast on Apple podcasts right HERE!


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