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Geriatrician, Dr. Michael Wasserman,  Chair of the Public Policy Committee of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine, returned to the program!  He is an author and editor of numerous books, a speaker, and a tireless advocate for improving healthcare for older adults, as well as improving care received in nursing homes.  Dr. Wasserman joined us to continue our discussion of some of the pressing current issues of geriatric healthcare and nursing home care.  And he had some powerful messages for doctors treating elderly patients, as well as for family members of the elderly to help with your advocacy.  Find out more about Dr. Wasserman and read his articles on LinkedIn and on Twitter (@Wassdoc).


Also, Rosie Davis, founder of the international organization, Yellow Heart Memorial, advocate for COVID victims, and co-author of the book, Who We Lost: A Portable Covid Memorial, returned to the program to tell us about the launch of More Than A Number, a traveling memorial, honoring those lost due to Covid.  This memorial will begin in Irving, TX on March 13 and will then be traveling to it’s next location.  You can find out more about it, about Yellow Heart Memorial, and about where it will go next by following on Facebook , on Instagram (@yellowheartmemorial), and on Tiktok.  You can contact Rosie with questions at:  yellowheartmemorial@gmail.com.


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