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Bill Prasad, Licensed Professional Counselor, Johns Hopkins trained trauma counselor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, and former on-air freelance National Correspondent for CNN, and Fox News, DC, joined us from Houston, TX.  Bill is the founder/owner of Prasad Counseling and Training and he joined us to discuss the psychological impact of the pandemic and the impact of denial of the pandemic, as well as his article, The Guilting and Gaslighting of the American Consumer.  Bill is now doing all counseling virtually, so he can help you wherever you are in Texas through tele-health and he has a specialty in working with PTSD.  Bill also provides consultations with companies around the nation and has recently been helping them to adjust to the “new normal” caused by this pandemic.  Find out more by going to:  prasadcounseling.com.  You can contact Bill directly via e-mail at Bill@PrasadCounseling.com and via phone:  713-661-7888.

Bill Prasad, LPC, The Guilting and Gas Lighting of the American Consumer


Joining us, once again, from Los Angeles ,The Belly Twins Veena and Neena Bidasha talked about their on-line Bollywood dance lessons.  This is a great way to lift our spirits and get our bodies moving, creating JOY even during these trying times!  You can take their live Zoom Bollywood dance classes with a suggested donation of just $5.00 per class, on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2pm PT….that’s 5pm ET and 4pm CT, and Fridays at 9am PT (12pm ET/11am CT)!  For information about joining the class, e-mail them at:  BellyTwins@BellyTwins.com.  They also offer On-Demand video classes for Bollywood and for Bellydance and they offer virtual Bollywood and Bellydance shows for your Zoom parties!  Find out more about all that they offer at:  BellyTwins.com.

The Belly Twins, Neena And Veena Bidasha


And Dr. Mara on finding passion and joy during isolation.  Read more about keeping your joy while remaining realistic in Dr. Mara’s last blog:  Realistic Optimism in the Time of a Pandemic.


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