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PTSD Psychotherapist and author of the new book, Aftershocks:  Healing PTSD From Sexual Assault and Childhood Sexual Abuse, Susan Brunson, LCSW, joined us to discuss cutting edge powerful treatments for PTSD, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitzation and Reprocessing) and EFT or “tapping.”  EMDR can be powerful for issues other than PTSD, as well, such as anxiety, low slef-esteem, and low-level traumatic reactions.  Susan told us about an app that’s available to use for “tapping” and stress management at home, called “The Tapping Solution.”  This app also has a free collection of tips and techniques in order to help cope with stress and anxiety about Covid-19 and all of the issues surrounding it.  Susan’s book, which discusses various techniques for treating PTSD much more effectively and quickly than the old talk-therapies, is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Susan is available for telehealth/video conferencing sessions using these techniques for clients in the states of Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama.  You can find out more about Susan and you can contact her by going to:  Susan Brunson on PsychologyToday.com.  

Susan Brunson, LCSW


Producer of this show, Art Mendoza, told us about his animation that he’ll be posting on YouTube as strips of artoonz Mort Monitor & The MusiCANZ; Qust For The Fourth Wall.  You can find out more by following his FB page:  www.facebook.com/artoonzanimationink/.


Dr. Mara spoke more about reviving our passionate life during a pandemic and preventing depression.


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