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We were joined by Marsha Joiner, host of the Blog Talk Radio show, Betrayed by Hospice, and former Board Member of the Hospice Patients Alliance, and administrator of the FB page, Murdered by Hospice.  Marsha joined us to tell us her personal story of losing her own Mom unnecessarily to inappropriate hospice practices, to discuss how hospice went from being a way for people who are actively dying to die with minimum pain and with dignity to a profit-making business, causing people who are not necessarily in that category to be convinced to enter into their care and where patients are often given one-size fits all drugs, and to let us know how to make more informed decisions so that we don’t fall pray to manipulation by an ageist healthcare system pressured by a high profit hospice industry.    

Marsha suggested filling out a Life-Affirming Medical Proxy (LAMP), to make sure your desires are voiced.  You can find out more at HALOVoice.org.  Also, check out the FB page, Murdered by Hospice, if you need support on this journey with a loved-one.  You can reach out to Marsha with your questions at MarshaJoiner2018@gmail.com.

Marsha Joiner
Betrayed By Hospice


Listen to the podcast right HERE!    And to the podcast on Apple podcasts right HERE!


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