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Marcella Castellanos, Empowerment Coach and Certified Holistic Health Coach, returned to the show all the way from Puerto Vallarta, to discuss how energy healing can help people release stored, stuck energy from old childhood wounds and trauma from the past so that they can live with a renewed sense of freedom and confidence.  We learned about geting unstuck so that we can break unhealthy patterns of behavior and move forward with a renewed sense of freedom.  

Find out more about Marcella, her Empowerment and Holistic Coaching with energy healing, sign up for some free guidance and a chat with Marcella, and contact her for a virtual appointment, anywhere in the world, by going to MarcellaElizabeth.com.  You can also follow her on YouTube and Instagram…and you can contact her directly at:  Marcella@MarcellaElizabeth.com.

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Marcella Castellanos


Dr. Mara has returned from her trip with tips from out in the field, for caregiving and advocating for quality of care in long-term care …while living with passion.  


The Passionate Life
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