123 March 26, 2023: Family Sociologist, Laura Lyles Reagan, M.S., On Grand-parenting; Dr. Mara with Passionate Living and Caregiving in the New Normal - Dr Mara Karpel Offers

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Family Sociologist, Teen and Parent Communication Coach, often referred to as the Teen and Parent Relationship Whisperer, & Bestselling Author of How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication Tips for Teen and Parent RelationshipsLaura L. Reagan, returned to the show.  Laura Lyles Reagan, M.S., helps parents and teens and launching young adults co-create communication breakthroughs to build positive futures together. Now, with a two-year old grandson, she gets to apply the conscious communication skills she teaches to others to her own grand-parenting and she gave us some tips!!  

Are you a parent or a grandparent of a tween or teen?  Find out about Laura’s coaching, find tips to improve your relationship, read Laura’s blog, purchase her book, and more, all right here:  LauraLReagan.com.   


And Dr. Mara with more on Passionate Living and Caregiving in the “new normal.”


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