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Jumping into 2022 with Joy and Passion — Hope & Resilience — in a Difficult Time:

The Stress of 2021 Won’t Simply End with a Change of the Calendar

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“The best way out is always through.” ~ Robert Frost

We were convinced that, when the calendar page was turned at the beginning of 2021, all of the despair of 2020 would disappear. Yet, this year, has been, yet, another rough year. And we aren’t done with this long and difficult pandemic….

We sure went through some rough times together. The pandemic and the division between people over wearing masks and getting vaccines, sometimes leading to violence and often leading to loss of relationships, added an extra strain on all of us. And many of us have also had our own personal trials and tribulations during this time. The other stresses of life continued to occur, undeterred by a global pandemic. If there was one lesson for me that overshadowed the many others of this year, it is that of the power of hope. Hope gives us the resilience to get through the most difficult of times….

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