123 April 2, 2023: Irving Stackpole on Nursing Home Quality of Care & the Collision of Money, Politics, and Denial; Twins on Mexico Travel; & Dr. Mara on Passionate Living and Caregiving in the New Normal - Dr Mara Karpel Offers

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Keynote Speaker, President of Stackpole & Associates, and Co-Host of the podcast, The Medical Travel ShowIrving Stackpole, joined us to discuss how Long Term Care, especially skilled nursing facilities, is the scene of the collision of money, politics and denial.  With the loss of direct care workforce and closures of nursing centers, there’s a “fatal contraction” of supply in long term care.  Irving began this large discussion about how to wade through the mess and find the solutions.

Find out more about Irving, all of the services he offers and his podcast, as well as find great free resources to help you navigate the world of elder care, including long-term care, by going to:  StackpoleAssociates.com.  


Ruben, of the Twins – Ruben and Minerva – our Mexico travel guides, joined us from Mexico.  This time we spent some time getting to know our travel guide.  Next time will be Minerva’s turn.

Minerva and Ruben in Bay of Banderas, Mexico


And Dr. Mara continued her discussion of Passionate Living and Caregiving in the “new normal.”


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