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Positivity and Inspiration in the Midst of a Midlife Crisis:

Using a Time of Difficulty to Redirect Your Life

By Derek Goodman of



You’ve probably heard of midlife crises before, and the media-popularized image of a middle-aged man suddenly dropping loads of money on fancy vehicles or abandoning responsibility to have wild adventures with strange women. However, a midlife crisis encompasses far more than a stereotype. It may involve many conflicting emotions, regrets and nostalgic episodes.

You may find yourself comparing your life to others or spending a lot of time feeling bored, dissatisfied, restless or sad. Maybe you’re irritated or angry without being able to pinpoint a reason. However, you don’t have to sit around and allow this tide to overtake you. Instead, you can take all of these feelings and thoughts and use them to power positive changes in your life.


Finally Put Yourself First

You have probably spent much of your life putting your education and then your career first. In the constant grind and rush of advancement, you may have neglected your physical and mental health. Finally prioritizing your health by doing things like exercising more and eating healthier will make you feel better overall.

Don’t be afraid to invest in highly rated kitchen gadgets like Zojirushi rice cookers or workout equipment like a Peloton bike as you integrate healthier habits into your schedule. Whatever you purchase, make sure to thoroughly vet products before purchase by reading in-depth reviews from unbiased reviewers. Some things are worth putting in extra money, time and effort, and your health is one of them.

Take time to truly rest from the race of life, which includes turning off your work notifications and avoiding checking your email during your downtime. Set aside time for self-care. Part of this is resting, but it is also simply doing what makes you happy. Maybe that’s going to a spa or maybe it’s flopping down in bed with a pile of books and yummy snacks. The point is to take a break and recharge. Don’t focus on the past or the future, just focus on enjoying the moment and allowing that pleasure to wash away your worries for a period.


Replace Your Unfulfilling Career

As you contemplate your life, you may find that you’re deeply unhappy with your career. Rather than passing it off as an effect of the midlife crisis, think about it as a sign that maybe you should alter your course now. Don’t just quit your job without something lined up, obviously, but start researching requirements for your dream career. This may involve going back to school or learning a new skill. If the time and financial constraints worry you, try online programs, which offer flexibility so you can continue juggling your full-time job and family obligations without excessive changes. With careful searching, you can find accredited programs in a variety of areas with competitive tuition rates.


Develop Mindfulness

Part of the difficulty of going through a midlife crisis is trying to get a grip on the chaotic jumble of emotions and thoughts tumbling through you. Mindfulness can help you process them. It is a way of thinking and observing that can help you understand, accept and handle the turmoil so that even if it’s not gone, you remain in control. Coupled with meditation, it is an effective tool.

Midlife crises are a period that can bring both uncertainty and opportunity. By choosing to make meaningful changes to your life, you make yours a period of positivity. If you’re feeling stuck and want to live a more meaningful life, read the The Passionate Life by Dr. Mara Karpel!



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Dr. Mara Karpel is a clinical psychologist, practicing for almost 30 years, radio show host, and author of the book, “The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age,” now available on Audible.