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We were joined from Alberta, Canada, by Laura Ballerini, graphic designer and owner of her own design boutique, to discuss her new book, The Green Velvet Chair, a heartfelt collections of stories depicting how art and design influence our lives.  As Laura reminds us, we are all artists in our own unique way.  Find out more about Laura and read her blog:  badass-ballerini.com.  And order your copy of her book on Amazon USA and Amazon CANADA.    

Laura Ballerini



The twins, Ruben and Minerva, took us to on a tour of another magical place in Mexico.

Ruben and Minerva in Bay of Banderas, Mexico


And Dr. Mara told us the signs of late-life depression and how to recognize it, in order to give the right mental health treatment,  so that we can all live our passionate life no matter our age.  


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