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Showing Up When Things Fall Apart

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Photo by Jonathan J Levine, Into the Yearning, Digital photo, 2021.
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“It matters not what you bear but how you bear it.” ~ Seneca

I recently came across my notes for a discussion on my radio show from the end of 2019, about setting intentions for the upcoming year…2020.  They made me laugh.  It was not the mirth that one might experience when listening to a favorite comedian, but more like the amusement we might have in listening to a young child with fantastical and naïve dreams.  That was me at the start of 2020, naïve, full of grand and fantastical dreams, like, say…traveling. 

While going through my notes, I found that I had included a discussion about flexibility regarding our New Year’s intentions. When I wrote that, I had no idea just how prophetic that would be.  If this past year hasn’t been an exercise in learning to be flexible, I don’t know what is.   Read more HERE


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