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Artist, jazz singer, and writer, Georgann Low, joined us to talk about her latest book, Resurrecting Bunny: A Wild Child’s Pilgrimage, a creative memoir–“a warm greeting to the world from the remarkable life of a seasoned woman”. Georgann describes her life as being about expression and, in her memoir, she offers inspiring and juicy tidbits from her life, with the message of hope.  Resurrecting Bunny is now available on Audible, as well as Kindle and paperback, all on Amazon.  You can find out more about Georgann, download her music, read her blogs, see her artwork, learn about her spiritual companioning, contact her to lead a workshop, and you can also order this book, as well as her previous book, all on her website:  GeorgannLow.com.  

Georgann Low


Also, Dr. Mara with more on living a passionate life, with some end of the year thoughts about keeping the passion and joy through difficult times.

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