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Gerald Yearwood, retired Senior Officer of Diversity Affairs at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, joined us at this pivotal time in our history as a nation.  There is the intersection of a devastating pandemic that is targeting minority and elderly communities and a tipping point for the tension caused by the disparity in the treatment of black Americans vs. everyone else by our law enforcement and legal system.  “Diversity and inclusion are issues that need to be restructured because they sound good but it’s still an uphill battle institutionally,” says Gerald.  So, how can we be  part of the solution?  Gerald suggests getting involved within your community to have conversations with a cross-section of people who might look different than yourself and even think differently from you.  It has to start with hard conversations.  Also, get involved in local politics and national politics.  Put pressure on the people who have been voted in/hired to represent you to make the changes you wan to see.  VOTE!!!  Vote for people who you believe will make the changes.  And Gerald brought up joining with people from all different backgrounds as your “base.”  Those are the people who can then go back to their own communities and be influential in getting those who look up to them to get on-board.  Change is a slow process, but the energy, especially of the youth, is tremendous right now.  It needs to keep going…and be channeled into thoughtful action that makes a difference, rather than just protesting, says Gerald.  Looking forward to having him come back on, as things progress to real changes to bring about equity in our United States.  

Gerald Yearwood
Retired Senior Officer of Diversity Affairs at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio


Twins, Minerva and Ruben joined us from Bay Of Banderas, on the Pacific coast of Mexico, a top tourist destination, to talk about what’s happening there during the Pandemic.  This was the first in a series, when they will be joining us from Banderas Bay to keep us updated.

Twins, Minerva & Ruben
Bay of Banderas, Mexico


Dr. Mara on COMPASSION as an necessary piece of living The Passionate Life .  By the way, a piece of advice that Gerald gave Dr. Mara back during her graduate school days, in 1987, is quoted in her book!


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