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It’s February! How’s your 2020 going, so far? Mine came in like a tornado. Has it only been a month? I feel like we are half-way through 2020 already! I was recently reading an Instagram post by, the best-selling author, teacher, facilitator of workshops in the Toltec tradition, and a previous guest on my internet radio show, HeatherAsh Amara. She was under a blanket in the photo, with a caption about how she was taking a break by herself in her hotel room after a busy book launch tour. She ended with a question, asking how we (her social media followers) decompress after a period of being around a lot of people. I was blank. My life is all helping others. It’s my mission and my passion. But, what had I really been doing to take care of myself?

I’ve been asked that question over and over again in interviews, and, most recently when I was interviewed by G. Brian Benson for Awake TV. During the interview, Brian asked me “After spending your day helping veterans with PTSD or helping your clients or caregivers, how do you take care of yourself?” I always have a pat answer for that exact question. The answer is I always give is that I focus on my passions of writing and hosting my radio show, with some drawing, exercising, eating well, and meditating when I remember to, squeezed in. At the start of the year, though, I had to come to the hard truth that I haven’t been doing such a great job of taking care of myself. I felt like I had hit a wall. With little energy, feeling emotionally drained, and having difficulty focusing, I was finding it difficult to remain passionate about anything at all.

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