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One of the scariest times in the lives of parents (and grandparents) is when their teen children/grandchildren first receive their driver’s license.  Will Thornton is a driving safety professional with over 15 years experience with having taught driving and given the road test in Washington state and presently in Sienna, Texas.  Author of the book, Are We There Yet?Will joined us to discuss the hidden epidemic of high risk driving and its most vulnerable victims of teens and new drivers. Will gave some tips for reducing risk while driving and discussed why it’s essential for all drivers to see that well managed driving risk can and does reduce collisions and resulting deaths with the added benefit of lowered stress.  You can sign up for a weekly newsletter with tips for decreasing risk while driving, find out about upcoming online course, info about passing the driving test, order the book, and contact Will at:  zerorisknow.org.  You can also order the book on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon and contact Will directly at Will@zerorisknow.org.

Will Thornton
Driving Safety Specialist
Author, “Are We There Yet?”


Dr. Mara on emerging into the “new normal” with passion and some tips for overcoming some subtle obstacles.




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