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Professor of Education, Dr. Zakia Y. Gates refers to herself as an Intentional, Trans-formative Culturally Responsive Social Justice Professor of Education.  Dr. Gates joined us, this time, to discuss the tipping point of tension that we find ourselves in the U.S. related to social IN-justice and what we can do to be part of the solution.  One tip:  Be willing to have uncomfortable and real conversations with an open mind.  And read, read, read! 

Some books recommended by Dr. Gates include: 

Tim Wise, White Like Me;

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Where Do We Go From Here?: Chaos or Community;

Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility;

and Mica Pollock (Ed), Everyday Anti Racism: Getting Real About Race in School. 

For more information, about culturally responsive social justice in education, you can follow Dr. Gates on Twitter, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.  And you can contact her for more info at:







Dr. Mara with some brief thoughts on creating passion to bring light into the world. 


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