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We were be joined from Ontario by Dr. Patricia Spindel, Chair of Seniors for Social Action Ontario, co-founder of the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, and former President of Concerned Friends of Ontario Citizens in Care Facilities. Dr. Spindel, also a recipient of a Government of Canada medal for service to her community, is a passionate advocate for the rights of older adults, especially in healthcare and long-term care.  The issues we face in our society with regard to “throwing away” and disregarding our humans of advanced age is not just an American issue, but is also prevalent in Canada.  And advocating for our elders is critical for their well-being and ours, as a society.  Dr. Spindel gave us some of her insights to help us in our advocacy for the elderly.  

Find out more about what Seniors For Social Action Ontario are doing to make change in an ageist system.  Americans are welcome and can benefit from the information and strategies to make change here in the U.S.  Also, join their mailing list for updates!  Go to:  SeniorsActionOntario.com.  You can find out more about Dr. Spindel and the books she’s written to help advocates for seniors, and download her free book, A Perfect Storm: The Tragic Story of Orchard Villa, by going to:  SpindelConsulting.net

Dr. Patricia Spindel
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Listen to the podcast right HERE!    And to the podcast on Apple podcasts right HERE!


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