Wednesday, February 28, Dr. Mara was the guest on an internet radio program when Marsha Joiner interviewed her on the Blog Talk Radio show, Betrayed by Hospice. If you missed it live, you can hear it right HereAnd right here:  

About 2 and ½ years ago, Dr, Mara stood up against medical gaslighting, when the medical team in a hospital tried to convince her that her mom was dying and needed to be on hospice, when she really wasn’t.  Because she knew her mom’s desires very well, she was able to advocate strongly for her and she went on to live a very medically stable and joyful life for two more years.

The job of advocating for a loved one who is immersed in the healthcare system or in long-term care is a necessary one. Without loving advocates, those who cannot speak for themselves, especially older adults, often suffer the consequences of ageism and ableism, leading to a quality of life that is less than ideal. And, as in the situation described above, it can lead to the ending of the life of someone who still has more stories to tell. Advocacy is love and Dr. Mara discussed with Marsha Joiner her advocacy experiences, her recommendations based on these experiences, and more.