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Diem Mooney, MS, PhD, is a Navy vet with a passion for advocating for employees and job seekers. He is an experienced executive coach, human capital consultant, and career counselor who is dedicated to facilitating professional growth. Additionally, he specializes in human computer interaction, serving as a UX strategist for product teams to ensure human-centered development.  Dr. Mooney joined us to discuss overcoming adversity and obstacles to achieve success, with a discussion of some of his own life challenges that he turned into strengths. He gave some great tips for following your passion!  

Dr. Diem Mooney coaches those with ideas for a start-up business, those individuals looking to change careers, college students looking to enter a career, and veterans transitioning from the military to a civilian career.  Find out more about his coaching and contact him at:  carpenoctemcoaching.com.  You can also follow Diem on LinkedIn.

Diem Mooney, MS., PhD


And Dr. Mara with more on living a passionate life in light of recent current events.


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