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Confidence-Boosting Tips for 50-Year-Olds

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As we grow older, we can feel that our body is changing. We lose muscle mass, stamina, and bone density. These changes can make us feel like we’re not as attractive or confident as before. Whether you’re 50 or even 80 years old, it’s important to stay positive about yourself and your body. Here are some tips for how to feel more beautiful and confident at any age.


Diet Is Important

A healthy diet makes you feel better. If you want to look good, you need to feel good. To keep your body strong and vibrant, you should eat healthy foods. This means eating things like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, lean protein, and healthy fats.

An important part of feeling confident is feeling good about yourself on the inside. And a healthy diet can help with that. The confidence boost you get from eating healthy will help you have an overall healthier lifestyle.

Diet isn’t everything, though. You also have to exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain muscle mass and sustain or improve your energy levels while aging. It’s important to stay active so that your body stays strong for however long it has left in it.


Remember to Exercise

Understandably, exercising can be difficult at any age. That said, it’s important to remember that your body needs the activity. Even if you’re not in your 20s or 30s anymore, it’s important to get up and move. It doesn’t have to be a long workout; even 15 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. Clear out a room or a small space in your home, get rid of clutter so your surroundings bring you a sense of calmness, make sure you have plenty of mood-boosting natural light, and set up some equipment (treadmill, dumbbells, etc.) that will keep you going. Remember, it’s always better to do some exercise than none at all.


Dress for the Body You Have Today

Don’t try to dress like someone you were at a different point in your life. You don’t have the same body that you did when you were in your 30s, and dressing like you’re in your 20s will only make you feel worse about yourself. Instead, keep an eye out for style trends that work for people with your current shape and size. This will allow you to feel comfortable, which goes a long way in feeling great.

When shopping for clothes, try on items in neutral colors like black or grey rather than lighter colors, which tend to draw attention to wrinkles and other signs of aging in the skin. There are many ways to feel beautiful at any time in life, like adding some flash to your attire.


Get Your Hair and Makeup Done

A great way to feel more beautiful is by getting a new haircut. If you’re 50 or older, this doesn’t mean a pixie cut. Instead, choose a style that flatters your face shape and hair texture.

If you have thinning hair, going shorter may make it seem fuller. You can also try wearing your hair up or down to show off different features.

Wearing makeup can also help you feel more confident as you age. Make sure to avoid heavy eyeliner and bold lipstick, as these can accentuate wrinkles. Instead, use light colors on your eyes and lips with a matte finish for a natural look that will help you feel more beautiful at any age.


It may be hard to believe that you’re in your 50s, but you can still feel confident in your own skin. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, and always treat yourself right — follow these steps and your 50s can be a satisfying journey.


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Dr. Mara Karpel is a clinical psychologist, practicing for almost 30 years, radio show host, and author of the book, “The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age,” now available on Audible.