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Vietnam War veteran, Zen Buddhist monk,  Founder of the Zaltho Foundation, and author, Claude AnShin Thomas, has been on the show several times to discuss finding peace within and around us.  When he was last on the show, on March 1, 2022, soon after Ukraine was invaded, to discuss creating peace in this time of wars around the world and increasing violence, he told us he was headed as part of a humanitarian effort in Eastern Europe outside of Ukraine.  Today, he joined us to fill us in what he did, what that was like and, again, how to create more peace within and without…and the war we have going on inside that causes isolation from others right here in the U.S.

The Zaltho Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to addressing the causes and consequences of violence in and among individuals, families, and societies. Using the tools of meditation and drawing on the teachings of Zen Buddhism, they educate people in the peaceful transformation of conflict and suffering. You can find out more about, and contact, Claude and the Zaltho Foundation, as well as find Claude’s books, at Zaltho.org.  Claude’s books are also available on Amazon and everywhere else books are sold.

Claude AnShin Thomas


And Dr. Mara with more on Passionate Living…and Caregiving in the “new normal” and the benefits of Family Councils, as well as the laws that protect these councils.


The Passionate Life
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