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Vietnam veteran, Zen Buddhist monk, and founder of the Zaltho Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the peaceful transformation of conflict, violence, and trauma in individuals and groups, and author of several books, including, Bringing Meditation to Life and At Hell’s Gate:  A Soldier’s Journey From War to PeaceClaude AnShin Thomas returned to the show!

Claude AnShin Thomas joined me for a discussion of ending the war within to find inner peace,  end to wars in the world, and to end conflicts in our communities. Find out about Claude’s online groups for veterans and non-veterans, his workshops and retreats, his books, and to receive more help by going to Zaltho.org.  You can also find out how you can help this non-profit organization with all of the amazing work to serve the world our communities by going to that same website.

Claude Anshin Thomas

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