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Christiana Egi, RN, geriatric and mental health specialist, dementia advocate, author, and owner/operator of Alexis Lodges in Toronto, returned to this show!  This time, Christiana brought us her latest children’s book about understanding a grandparent with dementia,  Unraveled.  In this illustrated book, Christiana Egi reveals how easy it is for loved ones to overlook the importance of their own health, when they are concerned and worried about a loved one, and how to take care of our health every day even while looking after our loved ones.

Find out more about Christiana, all of her books and about Alexis Lodge at  Find out about her charitable foundation, helping the BIPOC community with information, resources, and support for people with dementia and their caregivers at:  Listen to her podcast at:  Our Forever Young Podcast on Apple.

Watch Christiana Egi on her side of the conversation in this interview, speaking about caring for persons with dementia right here:


Christiana Egi, R.N.


And Dr. Mara with more on finding our inner peace and passion in an uncertain world.


The Passionate Life
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