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We were joined from Northern California, by  ArtistPoetPhotographerDigital Alchemist, Jonathan J. Levine.  Jonathan is the co-founder of The Entheosis Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to helping people cultivate a lived experience of their extraordinary, or divine,  Self through art, education, eco-spirituality and beloved community.  He joined us to discuss Transformative Art and the magic of living a creative life.  Find out more about Jonathan and see some of his artwork at: magicwandmaker.comat his Facebook page at:  facebook.com/Laser.Cat.Art.Institute, on Instagram at: instagram.com/magicwandmaker, and check out his poems at:  www.facebook.com/poeticisms.  You can also contact Jonathan to have him create a metaphysical portrait, to find out about his magic wands workshops, and his photography lessons:  info@magicwandmaker.com.  Also, find out more about The Entheosis Institute:  entheosis.org.  

Jonathan Jay Levine


Image by Jonathan J Levine, The Channeling, 2007, ©JJLevine. All rights reserved. Image info

Jonathan J Levine, While She Slept, She Projected Her Reality Into My Memory, Digital collage of original photos & artworks (1994-2014), 2018 ©JJLevine. All rights reserved.

Jonathan J Levine, Sunset in the Summerland, Digital collage of original artwork, 2016, ©JJLevine. All rights reserved.

Jonathan J Levine, Shamanic Vaudeville, Digital collage of original watercolor & sculptures, 2018, ©JJLevine. All rights reserved.



Dr. Mara with more on living with passion through uncertain times.


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