Here is my Facebook Live video, the third in a series about the pain and the magic of living a Passionate Life.  This time, the topic:  Allowing Ourselves to Dream!   You can watch it right HERE on Facebook!

Facebook Live
April 4, 2019

You can ALSO watch it right HERE on YouTube!

I’ve been discussing the 4 Pillars of Living a Passionate Life.  Although all are equally important in order to sustain a passionate life and to experience all of the magic, that one pillar that is, by far, the most FUN is that of Allowing Ourselves to Dream!  And that goes for all of us at ANY age!  We’re never too mature to Dream and to follow a dream.  

We all need to make it a point to try something new, change your routine, and break out of your comfortable cocoon every day in order to stimulate creativity and stay youthful, joyful, and passionate throughout our journey.

I’m on a 40 day challenge to meditate every day…and will most definitely keep going after the 40 days are over.  When I made this video, I was into Day 27.  What I’m finding is that I can find my center more easily now and, in relation to following my dreams, meditation helps me to stimulate more right-brain creativity after a day of left-brain analytic thinking and jargon-filled report writing.  

On my website, there’s a meditation that I created, Inner Peace, Joy, and Vitality.  Feel free to download it as a guide, but there are many others on YouTube that you can follow, as well.  In my FB Live video, I also discuss some of the visual imagery I use to go deeper into a meditation.  Just remember, there’s no such thing as meditating “perfectly.”  Just show up and leave your smart phone off.  If you hop on board with this, let me know how it’s going!  Send me an e-mail:  Or message me on FB!

Here’s an old blog I wrote for Huffington Post, Follow Your Dreams No Matter Your Age!


Wherever you are along this journey, whatever age, whatever stage, whatever state of life, it’s the perfect place to start and I hope you’ll continue to journey along with me.  

BTW, you can still check out my guide-book for the journey, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Ageand be sure to stay tuned for my up-coming on-line course, Living the Passionate Life.  Meanwhile, tune in for more in my FB Live series! 

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